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The Land of Lemon Honey

Mes rêves épanouis; La terre de miel de citron

A Sticky Imp! Ew... oddly fascinating!
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I'm saying this WAY up here so people will read it, lol, chances are I won't know you friended me unless you speak up.


 Name: Amy
Age: 19
Location: California

Profession: Lazy artist/Student

Sign: "Will work for cheese".  Ha, I made a
funny... no, um, Taurus http://www.russiannj.com/i/horoscope/taurus.gif
Blunt, sarcastic and snarky but good,
 not so deep down.

(part one)I'm a bit of a pervert.
(part two) I don't own Harry Potter or V for Vendetta OR
Ouran High School Host Club, obviously, or I'd

not be wasting my time with YOU all (I kid... but really, I 
    wouldn't be. I'd be swiming in my chocolate moat! SPLEE) <3
Oh, yeah, I don't own any other fandom, either... just in case

P.S. Oh, yeah... Host Club PWND my soul D:

The Malfoy's seedy opium den is love
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